Saturday, October 16, 2010

Smart Ideas for Small Spaces

I found these great ideas on BetterHomesandGarden:


1.   Hidden Assets-Don't let the awkward angles of a dormer dissuade you from taking advantage of square footage -- the light-filld alcoves are often the perfect spot to squeeze in a desk. Two 1 x 4s painted white and mounted on shelving brackets create a handy work zone in this second-story cubby. Built-in benches boost the cozy quotient and allow the space to double as a dining table for two.

2.      Slim Down- Opting for a narrow, shallow refrigerator netted more counter and shelf space in this compact kitchen. White cabinetry, honed black-granite countertops, and a deep stainless-steel sink give the space a tailored look. To lighten up the painted brick flooring, a solid door between the kitchen and laundry room was swapped out for one with a glass inset.

3.      Step It Up- Reclaim wasted space under a staircase as storage. Wide-trim molding turns these staggered shelves into a strong architectural feature. Baskets add eye-pleasing texture as they keep linens and other kitchen odds and ends corralled.


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Small-Space Ideas: Building Racks Behind Cupboard Doors

Small homes can’t afford any unnecessary mess, so look to building racks behind cupboard doors as one of the most efficient small space ideas for organizing your kitchen. Carefully placed racks can amplify the storage capabilities of your cupboards and help clear unnecessary clutter off of counters. Cupboard door racks can also help make items more easily accessible when you need them, by storing kitchen preparation essentials at eye-level, rather than piling them all in one drawer or cupboard.
Free Up Counter Space
Affixing a rack to the doors of the cupboards above your counters will give you more room for cooking and prep work, with minimal inconvenience. Many use the counters in small apartment kitchens to hold flour, sugar, oils, spices and other items that they need most often when cooking. These ingredients could be neatly stored in racks behind cupboard doors, will still providing the accessibility you need for making dinner. Use one entire cupboard door as a spice rack location, for the purpose of unity. Affixing spice racks to cupboard doors will also prevent you from having to put holes in the kitchen walls, helping better preserve the security deposit you paid to your landlord. Typically, they much prefer functional and hidden improvements and additions, such as cupboard racks, to empty holes in the walls that are visible for all.
Use for Utility Items
Cupboard door racks are highly effective in storing items non-food items that can quickly pile up. Think of foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, plastic bags, garbage bags and other food storage items. Counter and cupboard space is sacred in small apartments, and most likely you’d much rather be storing utensils, pots, pans and food there, so look to door racks to store the rest. Store the items in the wire or metal type of door-racks, so that you can rip off a piece of foil or pull out a garbage bag with out having the even remove their boxes from the rack.
Don’t Forget Under the Sink
In small apartments, many kitchens often house the entire home’s cleaning supplies. These items are typically stored under the sink with other utility items, so make the most of cupboard door racks here. Use a rack with hooks to hang a dustpan, and a shelf-style rack to hold spongers, dish gloves and extra cloths. Install a heavier duty metal rack to hold cleaning solution bottles, and keep dish washing liquid or detergent tabs right where you need them.
Form Fits Function

Cupboard door racks can come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the function that you want them to serve. Whatever form you choose, be sure to carefully plan the installation, so that the racks aren’t colliding with the cupboard’s preexisting shelves. Look beyond standard wooden or metal racks as effective cupboard storage solutions. Hang a few hooks on the inside of cupboard doors to dangle spatulas, serving spoons, tongs, dishtowels and potholders. Storing some of these most frequently used items here will clear up space in drawers, while still keeping things right where you need them.

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Urban Living - Creative Ideas

When living in the city- space is a commodity. So finding creative ways to get everything you want is key.

There is tons of space hiding in places you never think to look. Put shelves over doors for books, to create display niches open up the space in your wall between studs.

Stay tuned for more creative space solutions for Urban Living!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Down an old country road...

Everybody loves the idea of living down a beautiful country road like this. A nice quiet, healthy place to raise a family, a place to grow old... but what do you do on the weekends?

And unless you like working with your hands then finding a job that will support the family is another hurdle to overcome.

So why do so many people do it... because of those reasons above, for them those reasons out weigh the cons of rural living.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

World View: Urban vs. Rural

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A map of the world showing where the world has drawn the lines of Rural living vs. Urban living.
(*Hint- all the lit up areas are the Urban)