Saturday, October 16, 2010

Smart Ideas for Small Spaces

I found these great ideas on BetterHomesandGarden:


1.   Hidden Assets-Don't let the awkward angles of a dormer dissuade you from taking advantage of square footage -- the light-filld alcoves are often the perfect spot to squeeze in a desk. Two 1 x 4s painted white and mounted on shelving brackets create a handy work zone in this second-story cubby. Built-in benches boost the cozy quotient and allow the space to double as a dining table for two.

2.      Slim Down- Opting for a narrow, shallow refrigerator netted more counter and shelf space in this compact kitchen. White cabinetry, honed black-granite countertops, and a deep stainless-steel sink give the space a tailored look. To lighten up the painted brick flooring, a solid door between the kitchen and laundry room was swapped out for one with a glass inset.

3.      Step It Up- Reclaim wasted space under a staircase as storage. Wide-trim molding turns these staggered shelves into a strong architectural feature. Baskets add eye-pleasing texture as they keep linens and other kitchen odds and ends corralled.


Find the rest here.

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