Friday, November 30, 2012

Epidemic Drug Use Reported in Big Cities

As we begin to come out of the great recession -- slowly, but surely -- new reports are highlighting a different sort of fallout from the economic woes of the past few years. Drug use in large metropolitan cities have increased significantly. Previously seen in only the "lower-income" neighborhoods, these new figures show that violent, drug-related crimes are creeping their way into nearly every neighborhood in these urban cities.

While rate of income cannot truly set the borders of where drug use is contained, the lower incomes of those in even more expensive neighborhoods surely plays a small role in the growth of drug-use areas. Additionally, many of the families in these "richer" neighborhoods have endured the same stresses caused by the recession as the rest of the city has.

Stress, depression, and financial woes have long been attributed to drug and alcohol use. Therefore, the increase in these factors must be tied to the increase in drug use and chemical dependency.

Though the signs are beginning to turn, and hope is on the horizon, the problem is still lingering all over cities across America. While a clearer path to financial security is coming out of the haze, many of the people who recently got mixed in with drugs will also need a clear path to pull them out of the haze of addiction.

Drug Rehabs have noticed this trend as well, seeing more and more participants in 12 step addiction recovery programs that come from "well-to-do" backgrounds that never would have gotten into an addiction-situation if it weren't for their current financial situations.

Above It All Treatment in California stresses the point that these individuals can still rectify their situations and get help for their chemical dependencies before they enter into a dangerous or deadly situation.

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